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Standard calls to correct procedural errors: Wesley and Carcela still have a week to wait on the verdict

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Wesley Moraes (Club Brugge), Mehdi Carcela (Standard), and Eric Ocansey (Eupen) know still always not what they are getting. The players got at the beginning of this week a suspension for, respectively, six, two and four matches and went there to appeal against it. Yesterday would normally have the final judgment to follow, but because there are according to Standard to correct procedural errors are made, everything is postponed to next week.

The club says that the new indicative table showing the various offenses into categories, and each category an appropriate penalty is proposed, is not approved by the Pro League and the penalties are based are invalid. The new indicative table came after consultation between the Pro League and the belgian football association, but now the clubs themselves in revolt against it.

The bondsprocureur stressed that the indicative table has been approved by the royal belgian football association and the Pro League. The ratification of it was done by the publication sporting life. “But publication is not the same as approval,” says Pierre Locht Standard. “Such a table must be voted at a general meeting, as with all associations the case. Here that’s not happened. Because the Bondsparket relying on an invalid indicative table, the prosecution is not admissible and must be Mehdi Carcela acquitted.”

The affairs of Ocansey, Carcela and Wesley are now postponed until next Friday. The players can therefore all this weekend yet come into action. It is against next week, everything will just be put in order so that the indicative table in the future can be followed. Because, as the belgian football association that does not, is the end search. Then it was the suspension of match day one for Diedhiou actually unjustified, but that has already a match on the side stood. So far the belgian football association not come.

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