Six million EU aid migrants in Bosnia

ad2169d055f485feb68764dd51d3756b - Six million EU aid migrants in Bosnia

BRUSSELS – The European Commission proposes six million euros to Bosnia and Herzegovina available to the migration flows to help control. The money will be used for the identification, registration and referral of asylum seekers to the border crossing to improve.

It also provided shelter and basic services for refugees and migrants. The border surveillance and control in the balkan country is increased, which, according to Brussels will contribute to the prevention and combating of trafficking in human beings.

In June, Brussels is already 1.5 million euro to the government in Sarajevo to the immediate humanitarian needs of asylum seekers to relieve. The vluchtelingaantallen in the Balkan countries since november. Saw Bosnia, according to local authorities since the beginning of this year 4900 migrants in the country coming in, of whom there are still 2500 in the country.

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