Shocking images of tied-up babies in the nursery

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Moscow – There are horrific images have emerged from Russia, where children in the crèche were tied to their beds. On the video you can see that the little ones so tightly with hands and feet to each other were that they almost could not move.

The matter came to light when a new babysitter Russian media told.

The 20-year-old Natalia Dyachenko didn’t know what she saw, when she was on her first day started in a childcare in Astrakhan.

Toddlers layers with the legs and feet tightly tied, and the arms were behind the back so that they themselves, not isolation. Some of the knots in their neck pulled tight.

“I was really afraid that the kids would choke. Some toddlers had for hours, so continue to lie”, told the klokkenluidster to the Russian television station NTV Ru. “The caregivers don’t care, who were sitting somewhere else with nothing to do.”

Her videos have caused a wave of outrage at the parents of the children and the rest of Russia.

The lawyer of the child says that Natalia everything in the scene has taken to a scandal, to provoke. Dyachenko is dismissed.

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