Rise of transgender people in American politics

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WASHINGTON – Transgender people are engaged in a historic advance in Us politics. This year have so far 43 transgender candidate for political office at all levels, according to figures from the Harvard T. H. Chan School of Public Health, a research institute in the field of public health. That is a record.

Kim Coco Iwamoto.

Most of them propose a candidate, on behalf of the Democrats, some are independent candidates or affiliated with the Green Party.

So, where Kim Coco Iwamoto Saturday on Hawaii to the Democratic candidacy of the deputy governor. Christine Hallquist has in the state of Vermont, the most money raised for her candidacy for the governorship, that they are coming Tuesday the Democratic nomination hopes. In Massachusetts is Alexandra Chandler, one of the candidates that a throw will do to a seat in congress.

Christine Hallquist

If one of them is selected, then that would be the first open transgender are that such a function holds on behalf of a large party in the united states.

“I understand the historical significance,” said Hallquist recently in an interview. “But the people choose me to what I for Vermont’m going to do. Very few people vote on me because I am transgender.”

The election took place at the time that the rights of transgender people under pressure. Under the (Democratic) president Barack Obama were those rights extended, but the Republican president, Donald Trump is running a lot of achievements back.

Last year, ten transgender persons elected in political positions, from city councils to parlementiërs in one of the fifty states.

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