Research after airstrike on children in Yemen

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SANAA – There is an investigation into the bloody air strike in Yemen has claimed the lives of dozens of children. The international coalition that the bombing was performed, says, according to Saudi state media, the incident against the light.

A child being treated to his injuries.

The bombing struck a school bus in which about a market reed in the Yemeni province of Sa’dah, a Houthi stronghold. There fell, according to local authorities 51 dead, including 40 children. Also would be dozens of minors were injured. The head of the delegation of the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) in Yemen, claimed on Twitter that “the numbers speak for themselves.”

The bloody air raid also led outside Yemen to the commotion. UNICEF director Henrietta Fore talked about a “low point in the horrific war.” Secretary-general António Guterres, the UN insisted on an independent investigation.

Saudi Arabia suggested initially that there was a legitimate operation against the Houthi rebels. Who had shortly before a rocket is fired at a target in Saudi Arabia. Thus fell, according to the Saudi authorities have one dead and got eleven people injured.

The coalition fights for years against the Houthi’s, who are the northwest of the country in 2014, largely under the foot walked. They were among more capital Sanaa in hands. The Saudiërs think that the Houthi are backed by rival Iran and to harass the rebels from the air. The years of conflict, the humanitarian situation in the already poverty-stricken country still continue to deteriorate.

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