Portugal: fire Algarve under control

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LISBON – The Portuguese authorities to have the natural fires in the Algarve under control. “At this moment, there is no great risk that the fire will spread,” said the head of the operation.

Firefighters carried out their blusactiviteiten during the relatively cool night and early morning. They remain in the area for the event that the fire again strikes. In total about 1450 firefighters, 460 blusvoertuigen and fifteen aircraft involved in extinguishing the fire, which was about a week ago, broke out during a heat wave in the tourist area.

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Forest fires in Algarve less intense

There are no fatal victims to regret. Last year was Portugal as a result of the extreme drought also ravaged by forest fires, which 114 people life cost. Had forty people were treated for burns and because they smoke were inhaled.

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