’Pope Francis defends European values are not’

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Rome – a Lot of left-wing Italians run away with the also progressive, green pope Francis. At the same time, according to research by nota bene the left-wing newspaper La Repubblica that the popularity of the church father in the five years that he is pope, fell from 88% to 70%. As the main reason for the declining popularity is his continued defense of the immigrants mentioned.

Mauro Mazza: “The pope has nothing to do with Europe”

One of the accusers of st. Francis is a journalist and writer, Mauro, Mazza, author of the book ” Bergoglio and Prejudice’.

Why it bothers you that the pope is always in the gap jumps for immigrants? Should a church father is not merciful?

“It irritates me that he’s with that influx of mainly muslim refugees for the defence of the European values. The reception of immigrants may not be at the expense of our European identity, our values and standards.”

The pope has too little connection with Europe?

“It interests him to just not. The pope has nothing to do with Europe. He may be from Argentina, but he is like pope, however, the bishop of Rome, so we may expect of him that he is our identity protects.”

You have nothing to do with the principle of turn the other cheek?

“Francis recognizes the rights of immigrants at the expense of our own civilization. That is not your own cheek to turn, that is away from your own principles.”

The roman catholic Church is committed to tam?

“It surprises me that bishops and priests are far too little to hear if there kruisbeeldjes be removed from public buildings, because this jogging would be for people of a different – read: islam – faith.

That does not happen in the orthodox church, for example, in Russia. There continues to be true to himself. After seventy years of oppression by communism makes them now a happy time. It defends the position with pride and will do so in the space of the Russian president Putin.”

In your book, you set that it is precisely not those who are critical of Jorge Mario Bergoglio (the real name of the pope, eds.) prejudices, but that the Holy Father himself biased.

“I came to the conclusion that their criticism is well founded. Now take the fact that the fact that the pope also communion want to do for divorced people, while the marriage according to the roman catholic church onontbindbaar. If the roman catholic church the separation recognizes a violation of them is a sacrament.”

Is this pope really is as different as its predecessors?

“Every pontificate has its own character. Now take the last three popes. The Polish John Paul II for fighting against communism, and has that battle won. Pope Benedict XVI wanted the sanctity of life, the traditional family of man and woman, and the freedom of education to defend against the ethical relativism. And then pope Francis emphasis on mercy, and the inclusion of immigrants without borders and open to the world. Then starts all the catholic church two thousand years big has made, to discolor and to dilute.”

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