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Philip Catherine: refreshed after 44 years

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Philip Catherine himself and his Reunion band is no easy task imposed on Jazz Middelheim.

A lot of jazz-rock from the seventies will sound today dated, and let us be honest, that also applies quite a bit for ‘September man’, the album that Catherine exactly 44 years ago recorded.

With exactly the same musicians of when was Catherine tonight on the stage – and that was even the very first time. But a remake of ‘September man’ was not. The band played only a few songs from that album, such as ‘When it is’, but then only the first part. And “Nineteen seventy fourths”, a piece by bassist John Lee, recorded on the day that Richard Nixon to resignation was forced.

The concert was somewhat hesitant began, with trumpeter Palle Mikkelborg that the tent onderdompelde in a meditative ECM-atmosphere. But then it was funk to the order and changed Mikkelborg suddenly in a European version of Miles Davis, with whom he still worked. And drummer Gerrie Brown played as if he were forty years younger. No, this was not a stale cake, but fusion in a contemporary jacket.

The strongest was the concert when Catherine some classics from his oeuvre opfriste, such as ‘Pendulum’, with a typically lilting solo of Catherine, in which no note too much sitting. End did the band with ‘The quiet American’, a long piece of pianist Jasper van ’t Hof. The tent presented to Catherine and his family a standing ovation and asked a bisnummer, but there was no time for it.

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