Party al-Sadr wins after recount votes in Iraq

8e96cfa29f90e846ff4bb12539dd14b1 - Party al-Sadr wins after recount votes in Iraq

BAGHDAD – the political party of The Iraqi mental Moqtada al-Sadr’s Friday declared winner of the parliamentary elections of may. The results were long in coming because all the votes re-counted had to be.

The parliament had ordered that recount, because there would have been irregularities. Not all the ballots could be reviewed. After the election, the storage is destroyed by the flames, where ballot boxes from Baghdad were saved.

The party of al-Sadr was earlier this year, the big winner of the elections, but there is still no new government formed. Among the population there is in the meantime a lot of discontent over corruption, poor public services and the slow reconstruction after the years of fight against terror group IS.

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