Museums deal with art Coming

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Pukkelpop has together with seven museums and the Dutch ARTtube the forces in the art project #PKP18ART. Spread throughout the festival, visitors can not only discover art, but also to design and kunstinterventies participate.

Pukkelpop will in the initiative, young people creating art, including artistic mindfulness in the Think Tank by ARTtube, a Triptent and Cinema ARTtube. “The goal of this unique cooperation is to young people, for whom the threshold to a museum sometimes too high, to bring them into contact with art in a familiar environment”, says festival organiser Chokri Mahassine. “During Pukkelpop, we want them not only in an organic way to get acquainted with art, we also want to be with them in a dialogue using the special hashtag #PKP18ART.”

The art project is supported by the Flemish government. “From the government, we give our support to this great initiative. ARTtube, Pukkelpop and the seven museums have to work together to find a way to get young people to experience and participate in art and culture”, says Flemish minister of Culture Sven Gatz (Open Vld). “Pukkelpop is an ideal meeting place to engage in a dialogue and in that way to listen to the expectations and ideas that young people themselves about art and culture.”

Festival-goers can also Tinder-wise to swipe with their favorite works of art, but the eye-catcher of the project is the Augmented Reality option in the PKP-app. Thus the visitor to the festival will enjoy works from different museums, such as ‘Madonna surrounded by seraphim and cherubim’ of Jean Fouquet.

“If you young people want to appeal, you must do so in their language. By of the Augmented Reality use, get art a little more rock’n’ roll,” said Chokri Mahassine. “This is our Pukkelpopweide a creative workshop and a huge exhibition space.”

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