Mr. Bean found burkagrap of Boris Johnson funny

32f7178aab9cbc8531b335dcffc69a0c - Mr. Bean found burkagrap of Boris Johnson funny

Rowan Atkinson, the British comedian who was well known as Mr. Bean, in a letter to the newspaper The Times for ex-minister Boris Johnson. That caused a fuss by women in burqa to compare with “bank robbers” and “mailboxes”. “As a lifelong supporter of the freedom to joke about religion, I found the joke from Boris Johnson about the similarity between burkadragers and mailboxes a reasonably good,” says the comedian.

Johnson is already the days under pressure, even within his own party, for his mocking column in The Telegraph. He is accused of advocacy to do against muslims in the favor of falling in rechtsconservatieve voters. Even prime minister Theresa May also demanded an apology from the former minister of Foreign Affairs. Johnson will have to answer to the disciplinary committee of the conservative party. In the worst case, he flies out of the party.

Atkinson finds excuses not necessary. “With all the jokes about the religion of punch was always someone for the head. Apologies are meaningless. It could be just a bad joke have to apologize,” he writes. It is not the first time that Atkinson is exhaust on the subject. When the government-Blair incitement to hatred against religions is punishable wanted to make, he put together with other artists, a counter-movement.

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