Mother drinks a glass of wine in plane, together with the daughter cell, in

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DUBAI – A 44-year-old woman and her little daughter (4) have three days cooped up sitting in a prison in Dubai. The visa of the British woman turned out after landing is not in order, but that the woman a glass of wine with her dinner had drunk was the final straw.

Ellie and Bibi.

The visa of the mother of three had expired, while they already have multiple times with that visa in the United Arab Emirates had been. The woman was told that there was nothing else opzat than new, buy tickets and return to London.

This saw the woman, Ellie Holman from Sevenoaks, of course not. She told the man that her daughter is very tired and asked if it really was not possible to spot a new visa. This asked the man if they happen to be drank. The question she answered honestly. She had the glass of red wine that her airline Emirates when food was offered drunk. “An offence,” said the immigration officer.

Glass of wine

After an alcohol test, it became clear that the woman is 0.04 percent alcohol in her blood had, where you are in the United Kingdom of great the road.

After a discussion it was the woman who, meanwhile, her phone in hand had to be the “uncouth behaviour” of the man filming, arrested. Mother and daughter were transferred to a stinky cell with no air conditioning. The two were also once laughed at by the guards, tells Holman to the Daily Mail.


“My daughter is a happy girl, but she was scared to death.” The two ate for three days of the “moldy” food that they are in the cell were offered.

The husband of the woman is to Dubai flown to his daughter to pick up. Holman must for the time being in the United Arab Emirates remain. The dentist, who with her child was on vacation, is at least 30,000 euros to spend on legal fees. The woman does not exclude that it is a year going to take them back with her three children and husband.

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