More no-registration against organ donation

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The Hague – more and more Dutch citizens indicate that they have no donor. That it appears from the figures that the Central Bureau for Statistics (CBS) today officially announced. The increase coincides with the public debate on the new donorwet.

With 1.9 million people between 2014 and march this year explicitly indicated no organ donor.

The number of people that explicitly indicates no organs to stand is between 2014 and halfway through the month of march of this year increased by over 300,000 registrations. In total, about 1.9 million people in the netherlands.

The CBS collects only the numbers and has not examined what the motives are for not to give consent for organ donation. But it is noticeable, however, that the increase is deployed at the moment D66 Member of parliament Pia Dijkstra ’her’ donorwet launched. The number of Dutch people, however, consent for organ donation in the same period also increased, but with 200,000 registrations less hard.

“It is obvious that the societal debate affects people more aware about are going to think,” says a CBS spokesperson.

’No objection’

The new donorwet in the summer of 2020 of power and ensures that everyone has the entry ’no objection’ against organ donation. People who don’t want to, should himself opt out.

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The law was the beginning of this year with a tiny majority in the senate adopted. In the Second Room there was a narrow majority as a Member of the dierenpartij the train had missed. As the member of parliament was present, then the act is not adopted.


It is notable that certain groups in society, on average, more likely to register that they have absolutely no organs to give. For example, it is geographical that in municipalities where many christians live, the so-called Biblebelt, the number of registrations is higher than in other parts of the Netherlands. Especially among orthodox christians, there are religious objections to organ donation.

Also the number of young people that says no against organ donation has increased in the period that the discussion about the Donorwet played. Among ethnic minorities there is a spectacular increase in Moroccans. In two years time, the number of ’no registrations’ increased from 38.000 to 82.000. Under, for example, Turks and Surinamese is the resistance less significant.


Earlier this year, it launched a campaign to Moroccans to call to stamceldonor to be. There is a great shortage of stamceldonoren of people with a Moroccan origin. The campaign is even an imam used, because the Moroccan community is much uncertainty would be about whether organ donation should be islam.

The majority of non-western immigrants in the large cities, in combination with the many young residents ensures that the big cities like the Biblebelt stand out as communities where relatively more people no donor.

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