Man does 30 years in the wrong grave daughter

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London – George Salt appears thirty years at the cemetery to mourn at the wrong tomb.

An Englishman lamented forty years in the grave of his daughter, at least that’s what he thought.

From the moment his daughter Victoria died, two days after her birth, he came regularly at the grave and spoke to her and cried regularly for the loss. George shared his whole life talking with her.

But recently, the gravestone disappeared. The Englishman went looking and quickly found out what had happened. The stone is in the 80’s at the wrong tomb is placed. Only recently had the staff that failure is detected and without the George to tell the stone to move.

“I have, apparently for years at a piece of land of talk, where they do not lag,” says the sad Englishman told the BBC.

The city council of Manchester, meanwhile, has apologized. Salt can now continue to mourn at the correct grave.

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