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Malware allows easy Theft of Bitcoin is to Bitcoin ATM

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With the increasing number of Bitcoin ATMs, as we recently reported , seem to be ways to hack these machines to pave. A Tokyo-based Security Software manufacturer has found in a Forum a Malware, with the help of a trouble-free Bitcoin-theft is possible.

On 7. August 2018, the Tokyo-based Security Software manufacturer Trend Micro, in a Blog Post by a Malware is offered for a Bitcoin ATM in a Darknet Forum reported. By means of the Malware, it should be possible to cheat Bitcoin in the value of 6,750 US dollars, euros or pounds to Bitcoin ATMs.

The Hacker has the Malware on 25. June 2018 online and how Trend Micro shows, seems to be the Thread to still be active.

The buyer of this Malware for US $ 25,000 a map that visually resembles a traditional Bank card. It has an EMV Chip, and Near Field Communication (NFC). EMV Chips are used to save you instead of magnetic-stripe data. NFC enables the wireless exchange of data between two devices. The card can be used immediately after the acquisition.

According to the Forum, the malicious software exploits a vulnerability in the menu of the Bitcoin ATM. The vending machine is disconnected from the network, so that no Alarm can be triggered. In this context, Trend Micro points out that the emergence of malicious software for crypto-ATM-Malware is a logical development for cyber criminals in the environment of crypto-currencies.

“As long as you can make money, and in crypto-currencies, a lot of it, cyber criminals will continue to develop Tools and to lucrative new markets to spread. With the increasing number of Bitcoin ATMs, we can assume that in the future other forms of Malware for crypto-currency vending machines.“

Mining Malware was yesterday

In the case of the provider, according to Trend Micro is not Unknown. So, he has already obtained over 100 online reviews for Malware, and other Cybercrime-products.

Trend Micro comes also to the conclusion that the interest of crypto-crime Ellen of Mining Malware, to which new business with crypto-shifted ATM:

“As the number of Bitcoin is growing ATM, we can assume that in the future more Malware on crypto aimed at the ATM.”

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