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Maersk and IBM introduce TradeLens Blockchain solution

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As the next step in their collaboration, IBM and Maersk introduce today TradeLens, a jointly developed solution for the global trade that is based on Blockchain technology and on the global marine ecosystem is tailored.

The solution to many of the costly, manual, and inefficient processes addressed on the global freight transportation and global supply chain impact. The goal is a higher level of transparency and efficiency in supply chains. The World Economic Forum estimates that the world could grow trade through the elimination of barriers in the international supply chains of nearly 15 percent.

Already 94 organizations in the industry have decided to use TradeLens, including freight forwarders, ports, customs, banks, logistics providers, and companies that ship Goods around the world.

The TradeLens platform, which is already in production, supported today:

  • 154 million acquired operations, the increase in per day to 1 million.
  • 25 ship terminals that supply data
  • 11 Million Container Trips
  • 5 Million Shipments

Based on IBM’s Blockchain TradeLens provides an information platform for transit data, documents, customs declarations, and IoT data. Shippers, shipping lines, freight forwarders, port and terminal operators and inland transport, and customs authorities can access with TradeLens in real-time on this information and, thus, safely, efficiently, and with confidence to work together. You are also able to IoT and sensor data, for example for temperature control or the container weight.

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