Lady Gaga filmed an emotional scene right after the death of girlfriend

The singer had her acting down by the news about her dying friend.

Lady Gaga was recording a zangscène for her new filmmusical A Star is Born will be very emotional: it was the first scene after her last visit to a sick friend. The Poker Face singer stopped work on the set when she was told that her deadly sick friend Sonja Durham was dying. “It was half an hour before the shooting when her husband called me. I heard Sonja in the background and am in the car jumped,” says Lady Gaga Entertainment Weekly. “I was fifteen minutes late, she was already dead. I am, with her husband, their dog and his son at her bed to say goodbye.”

Hours later, she was back on the set to the planned scene. “When I came back it was Bradley Cooper (the director and her opponent) very committed and patient. After the recording of the song he said that it was good as it was and I have not yet once had to do. The only thing that I wanted to do was sing, I will always remember that day.”

Lady Gaga honored her deceased friend on her birthday with an Instagram video in which she ronddanst and attention for breast cancer. They showed the media a photo of a black pearl necklace; in one of the pearls is Sonja’s axis. The song “Grigio” Girls on Lady Gaga’s album Joanne is inspired by Sonja Durham.

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