Karen Damen warns of online scammer

c620f7c397870bd107d6f458698c4cb9 - Karen Damen warns of online scammer

Television host Karen Damen has warned her fans for strangers who are on Facebook posing as the former K3 singer to money putting. She has also lodged a complaint before the police, she has in the ochtendshow of radio station JOE explained.

“Yesterday, I first discovered that there is a nepprofiel of me on Facebook. It is not the first time. Normally I pull me nothing of these things, because it is usually clear that the profiles are not real. But this time it was just really,” she said in the ochtendshow of Sven Ornelis and Anke Buckinx.

The presenter has the immediate complaint lodged against the unknown persons behind the profile. Meanwhile, the fake Facebook profile deleted, sounds the yet.

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