Karen Damen a victim of scammers

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Are known has a lot of advantages but also disadvantages. Try to select, go shopping for example. And what if people with less good intentions to create an account on the social media and in your name to post messages? The latter might at first sight seem harmless but in the case of Karen Damen is not. On Facebook Karen has suffered from scammers and to go really far to make money. “Hello friends, to show you that I love you, I have a big surprise for you. I offer VIP tickets for my next gig at the premiere of that love and to respond to “I want” Good luck” appears on the false profile to read. Of course, Karen gives no VIP tickets away, of course, would be the real Karen Damen as they post the points and commas. The message on the fake profile is almost illegible but for a few of her fans enough to fall into the trap. Karen did Thursday on her social media for a call to be careful. “Nepprofiel and fraudster! Do not respond and asap report to Facebook please. Thank you so much”, wrote the real Karen. Karen let further know that several people lost money and the fake profile is pure scam. Many fans of Karen responded effectively on the fake profile with “I want” and were using the chat will be contacted by a person who, but for Karen Damen. “I’ve never attracted that there are false profiles of me exist, because it is usually clear that it was a fake profile was made. But now it seemed very real and that person has people really asked for personal information. There are also people who’ve done that in the meantime money is lost. Yesterday, I very the story on my social media set to which the particular profile one minute later was gone,” says Karen Joe at Sven and Anke. Also Regi was reportedly the victim of such fraudsters, up to five times according to Karen. “I am a complaint, go to submit, today is the day they laugh no more with cyber crime. That they not just happen because a false Facebook profile is a serious infringement. What happened to me is that they have the people to let them know “Hey, I’m Karen Damen and I have a new profile because my other was full. If you VIP tickets want to win for my next gig, please send that and that and that in a private message to me. A lot of people have done that too. That people was to use their full name, mobile number and an activation code prompted. I don’t understand it yourself all not good, but as soon as you do that and you get a text message from that person, an amount from your account. There are people who are around 40 euros lost by one sms of that person. That is a small amount, but people often have not the feeling that they that the police should go. But if that person 1,000 times, then that is up to 40,000 euros earned and that under my name. And I think that’s really not ok”, Karen goes further.
“There are also a lot of typographical errors on the fake profile, and I really can’t stand it. Of course, there are many gullible people who love to find Karen. I have also had contact with the cyber crime unit and that people are now working hard to find the culprit. It is much more common than we know,” says Karen.
“Now that profile is to be removed, but one of the days displayed a different profile with a slightly different name and therefor I want the people to guard.”

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