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India: new Blockchain-district in Hyderabad planned

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In Hyderabad, the government of the Indian state of Telangana is planning the construction of its own part of the city for Start-ups with the focus on Blockchain technology. To help new companies in this sector, a partnership with the local Mahindra Satyam, which offers their customers various IT services.

Recently, the two parties have been completed according to the Economic Times a sort of preliminary, to demonstrate the determination of all those Involved. The aim of the joint action is that Hyderabad is in the IT field should take in the whole of India in a leadership role. As a next step, it is planning to undertake the construction of new factory buildings, you want to be precisely tailored to the needs of such Start-ups. The Minister for information technology of Telangana, Rama Rao, was very positive. They wanted to continue with the planned district in one of the most populous cities in India new standards.

Hyderabad as an escape point for talented programmers

The Blockchain-the district of Hyderabad is known by the organizers as a globally-oriented from the vanishing point for Blockchain-talents. Using this technology, the state government wants to solve many of the long lasting problems of the country. In addition, the Blockchain will serve the democratization of data. The organizers, after a private Hear also about the role of India in the technical area. Tech Mahindra aims to provide the technical infrastructure for the new building. In Hyderabad, there are T-Hub, already India’s largest Start-up Center.

The Tech Mahindra Aktiengesellschaft currently has a private Blockchain Ecosystem called Eleven01. By using the native platform by the local programmer should be able to use this technology without the help of foreign providers, as a representative of the company at the beginning of August on the International Blockchain Congress. You may be curious as to whether the big announcements will follow on the Congress in the long term, according to great deeds. We will be reporting on all the important events in a timely manner.

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