Heat wave leads to famine, North Korea

b96d3ff4a83fbfaab322ce2b378afee8 - Heat wave leads to famine, North Korea

GENEVA – The Red Cross fears a new famine in North Korea by the heat wave on the Korean peninsula. The harvest of rice, corn and other crops is likely to fail, and has ,,possible catastrophic consequences”, warns the international aid organization.

That can lead to a massive food crisis in the isolated communist country, that sigh under international sanctions. According to the Red Cross, the population is already vulnerable to food shortages. The malnutrition of children may worsen.

In August last year threatened the worst drought in twenty years, the food supply of millions of North Koreans. UN-organisations denounced as the regime in North Korea, especially money in the development of nuclear weapons. An important part of the harvest was also lost.

The United Nations said at the time, 6.3 million dollar (5.3 million euro) due to the shortage of grain, rice, corn, potatoes and other food to catch.

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