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Friday night, tv night?

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The heat wave is over, so I can without guilt once in your seat, sit and watch tv instead of sangria to slurp down on a terrace on a Friday night.


NPO 2 23.50-1.20 pm

The film debut of former Gucci designer Tom Ford seemed on paper an empty box. Nothing is less true: A single man, based on the eponymous novel by Christopher Isherwood, is a lovingly polished gem about grief and joy.


One 23: 55 hrs-1.50 hrs

Christian Slater and Patricia Arquette are now vintage, but in 1993 they were hip. In this crime thriller is Clarence fell in love with the handsome blond, Alabama, a callgirl. The screenplay is by Quentin Tarantino.


Canvas 22.05-0.35 hour

Steven Soderbergh brings this antidrugsfilm three storylines together. The first begins in Mexico, where two agents a delivery drugs want to intercept. There is the story of the conservative right, Bob Wakefield and his junkiedochter. And in the third story plunges the world of Helena together when she learns that her husband is a drug.

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