Food crisis is imminent in North Korea

32031467e2dd5053b045bb32df5fb19f - Food crisis is imminent in North Korea

North Korea threatens to fall prey to a food crisis. Cause of the shortage is the continuing heat wave.

The Red Cross pulls today to sound the alarm: if no serious action is taken, could the heat wave have catastrophic consequences for the North Korean population. Since the beginning of July fell in North Korea, not a drop of rain more, while the average temperature is 39°C or less. “Although this is no official drought, we see that rice, corn and other crops wither in the field,” says Joseph Muyambo of the International Federation for the Red Cross in a press release. “Any threat of food security can have serious consequences for the malnourished North Korean population.’

‘In the past caused a lot of heat and drought for several times already a food crisis. We know that previous periods of drought the food supply severely disrupted, with serious health problems, and malnutrition. Children under the age of five years are most at risk. Severe malnutrition may develop the physical and cognitive growth and hinder. Also the sick and the elderly are in the danger zone. We can not accept.’

The Red Cross announced today 213.474 Swiss franc (about 187.950 euro) free to the most vulnerable persons to help. In addition, the organisation puts different noodhulpteams and twenty pumps. Thus, in the most affected regions of the fields watered.

Even before this crisis had more than 10 million North Koreans humanitarian assistance. The alarming situation is also exacerbated by the harsh economic sanctions of the international community. For that reason, the UN Security council last week, a directive that humanitarian aid to malnourished North Koreans will need to facilitate.

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