Flemings in the South of France: “Everyone helps, but the misery is large

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Thousands of tourists are due to the heavy rainfall in the South of France in the problems hit. There are also Flemish people. Caravans drove past, the river was a whitewater testifies, ” Eline to The Newspaper. Also Marieke, who madly with her young children, home moved, very moved.

It will make you seem a pleasant summer vacation in the South of France literally in the water by stormy weather. For hundreds of tourists was that nightmare a reality on Thursday afternoon: streets were flooded, houses were under water and helicopters had to madly pull up to people to evacuate. Mainly the departments of Gard, Drôme and Ardèche were affected.

‘Very quickly’

Marieke Steunenberg from Lubbeek (Leuven) is the Flemish toeristes who had to deal with the storm. She sat together with her two young children at a campground near Anduze, a small town about 30 kilometers north of the city of Nimes. ‘We were in the Gard, on the first very lovely stream. But that changed quickly’, latch on to it. “When we came in the afternoon on the job were to a town to visit, there were several roads completely blank. It must very quickly be gone because even the motorway was not on time-off.’

When She was finally back at the camping got, it was already halfnegen in the evening. “We saw that all the cars suddenly parked on a country road near the site, apparently we had that afternoon for a briefing missed about possible flooding. The campinguitbaters had also asked for a white flag to hang out when you are in safety wrong’, she says. “But because I already had seen how the water was pumping elsewhere in the region, I decided immediately to pack. I’m with the kids to a hotel went a little further.’

Marieke would normally be a Monday back home, but decided immediately to leave. All she comes back home with a double feeling. “I am all that quiet time can stay, because I had not yet realized how dangerous the situation actually could be, what it sounds like. ‘Now, if I take the images, do I get goose bumps. I’ve never seen anything like it. I hope that the people who are on the camping remained, unharmed. I’m definitely contact. We are now safe, but I’m in with the people in France.’

‘Electricity and phones fell out of’

Also the Flemish Eline Balemans was at that unfortunate moment on a French campsite, on the banks of the Cèze, a river running through the departments of Lozère and Gard. ‘Since the morning, it rained continuously and the water level rose precipitously. To the extent that in the course of the day different people get their stuff inpakten and to higher land, some of them even go home, ” sounds to our editors. “The electricity was out, telephones were not range more, things were just left behind.’

The river that otherwise peaceful beaches, bare of increasing concern. ‘The Cèze was a swirling whitewater. First floated large tree stumps over, not much later, a boat and even a trailer and multiple caravans…’

Eline remained thankfully unscathed, but for many people it is a dramatic event. “We have remained unscathed and are already dry in a chalet. Everyone helped each other where possible, but the misery on the camping is very great.’

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