Fight on Facebook ends in shooting

139d9d5dcbae2c23a6ed7ea260aa37eb - Fight on Facebook ends in shooting

TAMPA – An argument about politics on Facebook is in the United States completely out of hand. An angry 44-year-old man jumped into the car and opened fire on any other user of the socialenetwerksite, message, the local newspaper, the Tampa Bay Times. The victim (46) ended up with multiple gunshot wounds in the hospital.

The shooter had quarreled with someone who has the right to vote was lost because of his criminal past. The man stated in a discussion on Donald Trump, in any case, like to say something about politics. His digital partner would then have toegebeten that he than but on the right path should continue.

The quarrel led to mutual threats. The ex-prisoner sent ultimately his address in Tampa with an invitation to personally fight it out. Then grabbed the other ruff an AR-15 rifle and a handgun, after which he was in the car jumped to respond.


The shooter surrendered after the shooting to the police. He is now out on bail, free. The man told the newspaper, are shocked by his behaviour. “I go to a therapist or something, because it is scary that I am so my self-control could lose it.” The American claims that he threw a tantrum because the other man and his family threatened.

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