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EUROPEAN CHAMPIONSHIPS IN ATHLETICS. Manon Depuydt to the semi-finals 200m

Manon Depuydt has Friday at the european CHAMPIONSHIP of athletics in the German capital of Berlin for the semi-finals of the 200 metres.

The 21-year-old Depuydt ended in her series as fourth in 23.59. The three loopsters with the fastest timing of each of the three series reached the semi-finals, as three best losing times. Our compatriot ran the second losing time making them her ticket for the semi-finals bite it had. The German Laura Müller (23.06) put in the series the sharpest chrono down.

“It was very stressful to the other series to wait”, said the 21-year-old Depuydt.

Depuydt was fourth in her series with a chrono of 23.59. Her personal record is 23.33. “With my time, I thought it was anyway, it would pass. I am in shape and thought that 23 around it was. But apparently everyone had to suffer from the wind. If you’re from the bend, there is a strong tailwind. That played tricks on me, after a good first one hundred metres.”

The semi-finals are from 19u48 on the program. “Given the wind is in it all things are possible. I just go for it, and then we’ll see,” decided Depuydt, to her first major championship on the senior level.

Click here to view the full program of the Belgians today.


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