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EUROPEAN CHAMPIONSHIPS IN ATHLETICS. Johnson-Thompson sets Thiam is under pressure, but which responds strongly

Day 2 in the decathlon promises to be a captivating duel between Nafi Thiam and the British Katarina Johnson-Thompson. Thiam had after the first day, 87 points behind, and Johnson-Thompson can today, only a few weapons out.

Part 5: long Jump (10u50)

The two hoofdrolspeelsters started at 10: 50 am, right on their second day. Johnson-Thompson began with an excellent first attempt 6.44 m. Thiam answered immediately with 6,45 meters. Not so far removed from her record of 6,62 m this year in Götzis jump. In attempt 2 and got both of them out with very far jumps, but they were both of a red flag. On the last jump put Johnson-Thompson 6,68 meters down, but also Thiam improved under pressure into a strong 6,60 metres.

Johnson-Thompson is in theory the better verspringster. Thiam gave yesterday itself that this is for her, the crucial number will be. If they are here the damage may limit, can they will themselves to score in the javelin.

Later today still follow the javelin (12: 50pm) and the 800 meters (20u20). Click here to read a preview on the exciting battle between Thiam and Johnson-Thompson who is with us today.

Thiam has not at top level

Thiam is performing up to now not at the top level, at the european CHAMPIONSHIPS. She obtained her current record in 2017 in Götzis. The overview of the performance that they when had, can be found in the first column. In addition, her personal records on each part separately. On day 1 she came there not in the local area, with a record in the shot put as the exception. She is doing on day 2 or on the top level?

Relive day 1 here.

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