Elderly people who ran away to metalfestival were not aged and were not going to metalfestival

Remarkable news from Germany earlier this week: the police of Germany found two elderly people back on metalfestival Wacken Open Air, after she ‘escapes’ from a retirement home. Now it seems that the fork is slightly different in the stalk.

Two elderly men slipped out of last weekend away from their nursing home to go to Wacken Open Air, the biggest metalfestival in the world. That message appeared earlier this week at Deutsche Welle, and the news quickly found its way into media around the world – also The Standard took over. Eventually, there was even a music that grandma and grandpa is now free to metaloptredens would let a look. “You are never too old to headbanging’, reasoned one.

The Deutsche Welle based on a report from the police of Itzehoe, which does indeed mention was made of ‘the elderly’ and a ‘retirement home’. ‘They were clear of the festival enjoyed’, said a spokesman of the police, to public broadcaster Norddeutscher Rundfunk.

But a new and more detailed police report shows that the original story wasn’t entirely true. It was not the elderly. And they are not at all to the metalfestival.

In a bus shelter

It was for two men, but they were only 58 and 59 years old, you hardly ‘aged’ of you. Neither were they from a nursing home weggeglipt, but out of a nursing home. According to the police of Itzehoe the men had psychological problems.

The men walked to the municipality of Wacken, but did metalfestival left. Instead, consumed alcohol in the village of Wacken, which, according to the police explains why they them “disoriented” and ” dazed’ found. They sat in a bus shelter waiting for a bus that would not come.

Or The Flux grandma and grandpa now again will make them pay, is not known.

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