Dutch hiphoppers popular on Belgian festivals

52014bcaa25edf404295e692b0dbbf05 - Dutch hiphoppers popular on Belgian festivals

This year there seems to be one constant at the festivals: hip-hop, and that will be English. The hardest workers of the summer seem to be from above the Moerdijk. In the Netherlands they are even with the helicopter flying around”, it sounds in The Standard. On the Lokerse Feesten, can national pride Blackwave Saturday shut down, but the warming is exclusively provided by the Dutch, with a Lil’ Small, Sevn Alias, Brotherly and Dopebwoy. Dopebwoy did all Ostend Beach, and Brotherly plant is a mini-invasion: they are also on the Caribbean festival and Laundry Day. The reason: they always elicit a young, enthusiastic audience.” “A few programmers informed us all that she is still such a great rock act may be programmed, as compared to a Dutch hiphopper state at the same festival, the tent is less full than was previously the case. It shows that you are no longer on the radio should come out if you have all your listeners gets through Spotify and Youtube. Which rappers are so popular that promoters there are no more around”, sounds at the booking agencies.

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