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Doctors: “Former F1 champion Niki Lauda crawled through the eye of the needle”

4f9344654f8cc169d2c64d538c457c70 - Doctors: "Former F1 champion Niki Lauda crawled through the eye of the needle"

Forty-two years after his terrible crash at the Nürburgring, Niki Lauda in the eye of the needle crept up. Doctors explain why a lung transplant had to come for the Austrian.

At this time, revalidation Niki Lauda in a Vienna hospital of a lung transplant and the doctors explain why the sudden health problems of the triple world champion resulted he death in the eyes.

“Mr. Lauda suffered a so-called haemorrhagic alveolitis,” said Marco Idzko, the head of the pulmonologische department of the hospital in Vienna. “That is an inflammation of the alveoli and accompanied by hemorrhage in the lung tissue and the respiratory tract.”

The disease of Lauda was immediately treated with an immunosuppressive therapy and his condition improved immediately. Immediately afterwards, the Austrian, however, an acute lung infection that caused the immune cells of the blood in the lungs into the lung tissue attacked.

“That ultimately leads to the destruction and loss of functional lung tissue which results in that the patient is no longer able to get enough oxygen through his lungs,” adds Idzko there.

By the fact that Lauda’s respiratory system is too weak, it was necessary to make him a machine to breath.

“Unfortunately, after ten days in intensive care, the situation escalated, we had to proceed to rescue breathing using a mechanical lung,” says cardiologist Gottfried Heinz.

Without a lung transplant would Lauda a few days later died. The Austrian received a high LAS granted, that is a kind of scale that determines how urgently the need for a transplantaatlong.

“We assumed that we have an appropriate body would get within a couple of days time,” said surgeon Hotzenecker. “In this case, the waiting period to five days.”

The result of the transplant was satisfactory, there were no rejection or other complications.

“The new lung is in excellent condition so that we immediately get the mechanical lung and the support of the circulatory system were to stop. The transplantaatlong their functions properly acquired,” the decision Hotzenecker.

The condition of Lauda agrees with the doctors pleased, because he is twenty-four hours after the operation another self could breathe.

“That is very important for us and for the whole healing process,” says Christian Hengstenberg, head of the cardiology department.

Despite his successful healing will Lauda by the previous complications still longer than the proposed two or three weeks in the hospital.

But still, predicting the doctors that Lauda as good as the old one. “We expect that his life can take on as before. The time, however, will prove whether we our goal will be reached,” said Walter Klepetko, surgeon to transplant them out.

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