Death toll earthquake Lombok adjusted to 321

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JAKARTA – The official death toll by the earthquake of Sunday in Lombok has increased to 321. Reports that the service disaster management BNPB.

The earthquake on Sunday had a strength of 6.9 and caused enormous damage in Lombok. On the northern part of the Indonesian island nearly 75 percent of the residential buildings destroyed, says the service. That buildings could not withstand powerful earthquakes. Approximately 270,000 people have to leave their homes due the recent natural disasters.

A BNPB spokesman, said that mobile kitchens will be deployed to the thousands of evacuees of food and water. “All relief supplies after arrival as quickly as possible distributed”, promised the spokesman in a statement. He claimed that hundreds of volunteers lend a helping hand to reach out.

The ground on the island was shaking the last time repeatedly. The island was at the end of July rocked by an earthquake with a strength of 6.4. Then came in all at least seventeen people were killed. Last Sunday was a more powerful earthquake of 6.9, which was followed by a series of aftershocks.

Earlier it was reported that there is certainly 347 fatalities would have fallen.

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