Dead Brit in a tent only after years found

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LONDON – A man has after his death, probably a year undetected in a tent located in Great Britain. His identity is a mystery that the police now hopes to clear messages British media.

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The authorities found the remains of the man last year in the tent, which in a way was in the place Weston-super-Mare. The police suspect that it comes to a man from Birmingham, which is about 59 or 60 when he died. He is not formally identified and it can also be to the next of kin to identify. Therefore, steps by the authorities to the media.

Newspaper of a year old

The problems are caused because the body is in a deep state of mortification. Thus, it was according to the police “extremely difficult” to get the man to identify. In the tent also proved several documents, including a newspaper, which at that time was already a year old.

We had preferred that his neighbor not in this way his death had come”, recognized a politiewoordvoerder. “But given the amount of time that has passed, it is important that they know.”

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