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‘Children have me happier? A dog also makes you happy’

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Gerda Dendooven is the grande dame of the Flemish children’s literature. Nele Van den Broeck is on the road to grande to be, preferably outside of Flanders. 23 years between them, and that turns out to be a whole world. “I no longer feel the need with my own little life to filleting, which navelstaarderij I can’t have more.’ “But the personal is often most universal?’

Nele Van den Broeck (33) wild Gerda Dendooven (56) meet because they have something of her to think to be able to learn. They are in the other arts active, different generations of indebted, their roads are rather mixed than in parallel. The story of their meeting at Villa Hellebosch read Saturday in dS Weekblad. See a preview below.

One moment it’s about the inexplicable success of a monstrosity as Fifty Shades of Grey, the next will Van den Broeck know whether or not children should start. Dendooven replied eagerly, sometimes with a girlish enthusiasm, as she made her long braid in her neck rolls or giggles as he feels – as if they were her statements with a cheerful note want to soften. She is such a woman for whom the word distinction is conceived, with meticuleus formatted eyes behind her dark pilootbril and a nicely cut shirt that even under a scorching sun incorruptible remains.

Dendooven says is not always what Van den Broeck may have wanted to hear. “My youngest daughter and I spent six weeks at the nursery. I thought: I must still work. Fortunately, there are a lot of good crèches. That is in the Netherlands, for example.’
‘Fuck. My new love is a Dutchman.’

A small hype

They will repeatedly sound at the rest between the trees of Hellebosch. Gerda Dendooven is working on the successor of Stella, her picture book about a girl that a vissersechtpaar in their nets is found. The way they vluchtelingencrisis wayward children gave form, was hailed and crowned. And next year, Stella is on the shelves. At the request of the National cultural centre for the Culture of Everyday life (Leca) and the minorities forum, she is also a book concerned about Sint and Piet. ‘They want to finally do away with that hassle around Zwarte Piet. A difficult delivery.’

Van den Broeck has a musical written, in which she also acted. Nele Needs A Holiday: The Musical premiered in London, now playing a month in Edinburgh and lands the beginning of 2019 in your own country, in the KVS. The popopera tells the story of Nele, a girl who went to London, moves to an international pop star to be. Spoiler alert: the musical ends with heartbreak, a bankruptcy and a Brexit. Who the columns of van den Broeck in The Standard reads, knows that the Nayle in the English musical actually just Nele from Merchtem, the girl who is famous wants to be. “On the duration is that there is a running gag, sigh Van den Broeck.

But you believe it?

Van den Broeck: “of Course. Any artist who says the contrary, lies. I know that I should focus: fame is a ghost. It touches you or not. I’m really just a hype. My plate had just come from, I came on tv, on the radio. Phones that I received! Just from proximity.’

Dendooven: ‘it’s all relative? I have that hype is not picked up, as much as I can to the radio listen to and newspapers to read.’

Van den Broeck: “It was small, though. But in my personal life, I found it a big hype. (laughs) You just can’t send, so I know that it is a huge risk is your happiness to be dependent upon.’

Dendooven: “I’m often in schools: if a class has only one child that is still never a story heard, if I do it before. So I keep myself going.’

The full interview with Nele Van den Broeck and Gerda Dendooven read Saturday in dS Weekblad and standard.be. ‘Children have me happier? A dog also makes you happy. Most importantly they have the world is bigger made, me learned a lot about myself. They were sometimes almost a theme’

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