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Chelsea coach: “Eden Hazard remains permanently with us”

160a235afda465469288e43dcd0a1b59 - Chelsea coach: “Eden Hazard remains permanently with us”

Thibaut Courtois, on Thursday droomtransfer and was as a king is greeted by Real Madrid, where he has a contract for six seasons, signed. Eden Hazard seems so after openly flirting with Real orphaned to stay in London, Chelsea did, after all, the leg stiff, and would not transfer know.

Now that the English transfer market is closed, the Belgian captain and second best player of the last world CHAMPIONSHIP this summer, not on a transition count. In a departure to the Blues, after all, not a replacement for more. “Hazard will remain permanently with us”, was the Chelsea coach Maurizio Sarri then also clear.

For ‘Edinho’, there is also no different than his transferdromen to the mountains and to the mid 2020 current contract at Stamford Bridge to respect. If Hazard does not renew, he will go next summer, his last contract year with The Blues and then things will be totally different face. “I have three or four times spoken with Eden and it was never about a possible transfer had, and so I think that he is happy here at Chelsea to stay”, let Sarri note. “About a possible contract extension, I don’t want to have, that is not my job. But since the player is happy to remain here, will that new contract no problem.”

For Hazard would be in London, allegedly a monstercontract with a brutoweeksalaris of 350,000 available, and in addition he would also the kapiteinsband get, but wants to Sarri is still not on it. Chelsea opens Saturday his season with a move to Huddersfield Town, the club of Laurent Depoitre and Isaac Mbenza. “Morning, Cesar Azpilicueta is probably the band, but that is not a final decision. First I want everyone to know.”

“Satisfied with Kepa”

With Courtois lost Chelsea the best goalkeeper of the world cup and to substitute Kepa to attract, there had to be a record amount paid. “The situation as regards Thibaut was very clear: he wanted to to Real. We are perhaps one of the best goalkeepers in the world kwijtgespeeld, but his replacement is one of the best young goalkeepers in Europe. I am also satisfied with it. Kepa is still only 23 years old, I hope that he is quickly advancing.”

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