Ariana Grande denies to his cheating

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Ariana Grande corrects a fan who says that the singer is cheating in her previous relationship

Don’t try to claim that Ariana Grande and her boyfriend Mac Miller would have cheated, because then let the singer be heard. A fan wrote in response to a photograph: “Ari is cheating when she and Mac went. Ariana responded brightly: “I’m not cheating on you. And can you not use anyone else bored? You’re boring.”

The rumors that Grande and her ex cheated would have with Pete Davidson, her new fiance, not for the first time around. Ariana and Mac were two years together and a month after they were apart, fiance, the singer is already with Pete. To the surprise of everyone and especially Mac.

In a radio interview, he responded to the rapid engagement of his ex-girlfriend: “It’s very strange all. Not negative, but weird.” The two went out together after Mac his car in the mush reed, after he drank a little too much. Ariana called their relationship later unhealthy, and said not a babysitter more for him to want to be.

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