Aquarius gets 141 migrants from sea

b9bb4a72de91e52638ac4c2413633343 - Aquarius gets 141 migrants from sea

ROME – After weeks of to have at all, the ship Aquarius 141 migrants rescued from boats on the Mediterranean Sea. Approximately 25 nautical miles from the coast of Libya, were the first 25 migrants from a small wooden boat removed. In the same area took out the crew of the Aquarius later another 116 people on board.

The crew of the Aquarius has the rescue of the migrants reported at the Libyan coast guard. Who coordinates the rescue.

Italy and Malta refused earlier, the Aquarius let the lay after the vessel more than six hundred refugees at sea had picked up. The migrants could end up in the Spanish port city Valencia of the board. Then was the ship for weeks in the port of Marseille.

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