Amazon wants to own hospitals and staff

c7148b71a9d3f3d27ba37e5131881eb8 - Amazon wants to own hospitals and staff

Amazon wants to be in the United States centers where staff can go for primary care. So the webwinkelreus the health express, as the us channel CNBC on the basis of two anonymous sources.

According to the medium walk at this time, the talks about the clinics on the headquarters of Amazon in Seattle. Initially thought to be the American company to outsourcing, but finally took the plunge to get the health to work. The aim is to be at the end of this year, a number of medical doctors employed to take a pilot project to start for a limited number of employees. The project would then in 2019, gradually to be extended, said the sources.

With the private health centers wants Amazon the cost printing. By focusing on private clinics, the company wants the high prices around which American insurers and health care providers charge for care. In addition, the staff can better preventive treatment, and with the guidance programs around, including diets and exercise, so the employees are also generally healthier.

In January had Amazon already announced that a partnership was started with the major bank to pay J. P. Morgan Chase and the investment vehicle of Warren Buffett, Berkshire Hathaway, to the quality of healthcare to increase and at the same time reducing the costs.

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