With Four in the Bed close the French week

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The last stop of this week is located in the South of france Camarès. This region, located between the mountains and the sea, is mainly known for the Roquefortkaas, the picturesque abbeys, and the rich history. Camarès was Limburgers Martijn and Sandra is also the ideal destination to to make their own B&B to open: Au Prieuré Saint-Jean. The couple longed for a quieter life. Because they always like to be with people had worked on, was the idea of a B&B to open fully in that line. The large property that they bought, was a former priory of a bishop and served as a retreat for other believers. Martijn and Sandra vernoemden the rooms to the family of the bishop, and made in the interior for several links to the history.

With Four in the Bed, from Monday to Thursday at 21.20 on VTM.

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