Willy Sommert celebrates

49b0888a52389f05190ffdeb712fb091 - Willy Sommert celebrates

He must be one of the most fortunate people on this globe are: Willy Sommers celebrates today his 66th birthday. There is since his previous birthday and changed in his life. Not only his age but also his relationship status went to ‘married’. Willy Sommers’s birthday and that he will have known. Last Friday he received during Leive Vloms already a cake from the hands of Wendy Of Mittens and today it will without doubt feast in the house of Willy Sommers. To stop thinking the artist, not yet, on the contrary. There are already gigs until the end of 2021 in his diary. Acting is his life, but today brings Willy, together with his family, you can get him are wrong? Happy birthday, Willy.

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