Vitaya is celebrating 30 years of Home And Away

b96468a48a10d3c9d930cec052818786 - Vitaya is celebrating 30 years of Home And Away

Vitaya celebrates on Monday 20 August and Tuesday 21 August at 19.25 the thirty year anniversary of Home and Away with part 1 and part 2 of the special Endless summer. In the special attracts Journalist Steve Pennells as host together with the very first Summer Bay-lovebirds Frank Morgan and Bobby Simpson, starring Alex Papps and Nicolle Dickens, to the Home and Away kit and looks with them back on the events of the past few years. Also starring Melissa George, Dieter Brummer, Dannii Minogue, Steve Peacocke and Bec Hewitt reveal for the first time, secrets of on and off the set. From Wednesday 22 August to the ordinary programming of Home and Away again by Vitaya. Every weekday at 19.25, there is a new episode to see.

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