Trudeau refuses to bend in diplomatic rel Saudi Arabia

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The Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau on Wednesday for the first time responded to the diplomatic row between Ottawa and Riyadh. ‘Canada will always krachting and clearly express, both in private and in public, about issues relating to the human rights’.

Thus he defended his minister of Foreign Affairs Chrystia Freeland. “We will have a diplomatic and political dialogue continue to engage with Saudi Arabia.’

“We understand their importance in the world and recognize that they are on a number of important themes already have made progress,” said the head of government also. “But at the same time, we will clearly and powerfully in our opinion continue to say on issues of human rights, both in the netherlands and abroad.’ Canada will always be ‘work in a constructive and polite way.

The cause of the diplomatic row between the two countries were critical tweets of the Canadian foreign affairs minister Chrystia Freeland and the Canadian embassy in Riyadh at the end of last week about the arrest of human rights defenders in Saudi Arabia. Riyadh reacted in an unusually violent, be the Canadian ambassador out of the country and withdrew its ambassador from Ottawa back.

In addition, it announced that the Saudi ministry of Foreign Affairs that the trade and investment between the two countries would freeze. The television channel al-Arabiya reported that of the 15,000 Saudi students in Canada their studies elsewhere, should continue. The state-controlled airline Saudia deletes from next week, all flights from and to Toronto.

According to Trudeau runs the diplomatic agreement between Canada and Saudi Arabia still. Freeland spoke Tuesday by phone with her Saudi ambtsgenoot Adel al-Jubeir, says the government.

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