To kill by new violence, Israel and Palestinians

d52bc9ce2103e0c9de69e6d2b045c8a0 - To kill by new violence, Israel and Palestinians

GAZA/JERUSALEM – The violence between Israel and Gaza strip has once again flared up. Palestinian militants fired from the enclave on the coast of rockets on Israel, that terugsloeg with air strikes. There were multiple deaths.

The Israeli army says about 150 projectiles have been fired at Israeli territory. Missile defence system Iron Dome has offset at least 25 missiles. The authorities let the sirens blare to the local population to warn of a safe to safety. Israeli media reports that several injured in border towns, such as Sderot.

Israel targeted itself as’n 140 goals of the Hamas movement, the organization that is in power in the Gaza strip. The Palestinian authorities say at least three people dead, including a pregnant woman and her eighteen-month-old baby. There should be at least eight Palestinians injured.

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