To kill by air attack on school bus in Yemen

ac4e9e1da0afc2048cc068f5a9ecf5dd - To kill by air attack on school bus in Yemen

SANAA – An air strike on a school bus in Yemen to at least 39 people killed. Also got dozens of people injured, reports the rebels controlled ministry of Health. Many of the victims were children.

A child being treated to his injuries.

The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) confirms that a bus with children was attacked. After that, dozens of dead and wounded are brought into a hospital. The ICRC stressed that warring parties are obliged to protect citizens.

Local residents say that the bus children to the school brought. The ministry monitors the international coalition under the leadership of Saudi Arabia responsible for the attack. Which coalition dominates the skies over Yemen, where the fight against Houthi insurgents.

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