Ten years in prison for hiring Albanian gang to ex-parents-in-law to rob

TONGEREN – A Dutchman by the court in Tongeren was sentenced to ten years ‘ imprisonment in Belgium for his role in a violent attack on his ex-parents-in-law in 2015.

The man had an Albanian gang hired to save money when the elderly couple to collect due a debt of one and a half million euros, during a relationship with their daughter had built. The Albanians have been sentenced from three to nine years in prison.

After the relationship, in 2012, had been terminated, refused the daughter of the businessman to pay the debt. Also, the father was not at home when the Dutchman his salvation sought by Albanian criminals.

In september 2015, came upon four men the couple at their villa in ’s-Gravenvoeren in the Belgian province of Limburg. The seventies was by violence forced the codes of the two safes in the villa. They fled, ultimately, an expensive painting, a couple of thousand euros and a watch.

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