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TaxiWars does Middelheim rain forgotten

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The pond at the castle is dried up, the grass looks buff and there was a tender little rain out of the sky. The weather is not easy at Jazz Middelheim. And yet it is not lacking in atmosphere in the tent – for the first time in the history of the festival with only pitches.

That paste, however, at the concert of TaxiWars. All of the band started by Tom Barman with the rather subdued ‘Egyptian nights’. Notable: Robin Verheyen went between his saxfrasen by occasionally behind the piano. A novelty, that the tones of the band suddenly much wider.

But then gave the band immediately of jetje, with ‘Fever’, the fierce title song of their latest cd. Jazz from the big city with a raw rock energy: as we know TaxiWars.

A moment later, if Verheyen in ‘Roscopaje illustrate why jazz greats as Branford Marsalis and Ravi Coltrane to him, especially on the soprano saxophone excellent find.

But the band surprised especially with some new songs. ‘Drop shot’ and ‘They’ll tell you you’ve changed’ (with Verheyen on sax and electric piano) are great rock songs and would not look out of place on the setlist of dEUS.

That is look forward to the next cd of the band.

The audience thought it was just fine. When ‘Death ride-through wet snow, ” echoed the success of their debut album, went home to the dancing. That was no different with some funky numbers at the end of the set, in which the bass of Nicolas Thys as an electric bass sound.

No man in the tent who still ground to the disappointing weather, it is now firmly on the blow.

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