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Tables turned: Significantly more speculators as Criminals use Bitcoin

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Bitcoin is used significantly more for legal than for criminal transactions. This assessment is an agent of the U.S. drug offences Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA).

Bitcoin currencies as the mother of Crypto for a long time decried as the payment medium of choice for criminal activities. Just in Darkweb the digital money dominated the black market as a supposedly anonymous currency. As a “deal money” came to Bitcoin as to the first, of questionable celebrities in the Mainstream media and law enforcement authorities.

Five years ago, since DEA agent Lilita Infante in the framework of investigations for the first time about crypto-currencies stumbled, she told the US news Agency Bloomberg on the 7. August. As Infante then analyzed the Blockchain data, she came to the conclusion that behind about 90 percent of the transactions with crypto illegal machinations of currencies. This was in the year 2013.

Ninety to Ten

That may change within five years, especially in the restless crypto space, some of it, proves the new evaluation of the DEA agent:

“The [absolute] transaction volume of criminal activity has grown […] over the years, in the extreme, but the ratio decreased. The majority of transactions serves the purpose of price speculation.“

In this case, the time ratio of legal and illegal activities with crypto have currencies in recent years, Vice versa. Only ten percent of the transaction volume of Bitcoin & co. to go (literally) to the account of Criminals, with the Rest traded and gehodlt.

Lilita Infante is within the DEA, part of a ten-strong team of special investigators, the Cyber Investigative Task Force. In cooperation with other authorities, notably the FBI, have taken to the investigator, particularly the Darkweb in the crosshairs. There crypto-currencies as a supposedly anonymous money popular. But with the anonymity of has done as far as possible, says Infante. Even Criminals that rely on data protection coined currencies, such as the Zcash and Monero, are not able to escape, according to Infante, the strong Arm of the law:

“We still have the possibility of tracking and tracing”,

Infante conspirators says.

Therefore, it should be no Problem, the criminals continued to use the digital money. On The Contrary,

“Actually, the Blockchain gives us a whole set of tools in Hand that enable us to identify criminals. I hope that you continue to use it.“

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