Survives the tourism sector, the earthquakes in Lombok?

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A paradise island that is in ruins, few tourists delight. But they will return once everything is rebuilt? Ask that question to the American newspaper The New York Times.

Lombok is all weeks affected by earthquakes. The latest heavy shock occurred Thursday, with a strength of 6.2 on the Richter scale. The preliminary heaviest earthquake was last Sunday measured, and since then, all of 355 aftershocks observed.

The paradise island was just known to touch on the broader reispubliek, but the tourists seem to now flock to turn their back. “Travelers store in a panic,” says John Konstantinidis of Authentic Lombok to The New York Times. Since the first earthquake on July 29, he notes, 50 percent less bookings. And those of you who have booked, do not hesitate to cancel.

Supratman Samsi, owner of excursiebedrijf Adventure of Lombok, about 20 percent less bookings. “The people are afraid. That is the first thing that they say in their e-mails, ” he says to the newspaper. However, he strongly that the consequences of the earthquake is not forever felt.

According to The New York Times have no less than three major hotel chains have several hotels close by damage. Also Singapore Airlines, one of the two airlines with flights to Lombok, deleted several flights.

Kiss of death?

But reisanalisten are strong that the quakes could mean for the tourism sector on the island. Dr. Robert Quigley makes the comparison with terrorism: ‘An increased threat of terrorism has no negative impact on travel. We notice even the contrary. Why would this earthquake that?’

Erik Barreto of gastvrijheidsbedrijf Rascal Republic notes that the situation is not as dramatic as viral images do you believe. Stores, restaurants are packed, reservations continue to come.’ That he does not want to say that some regions do not heavily impacted (will) get. ‘It will be a few years to fully recover.’

On the website of The New York Times, you can more testimonies of people from the tourism sector of Lombok read. ‘About two or three month is everyone forgetting’, makes someone strong.

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