Still more than 1,000 deaths in hurricane Maria

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Hurricane Maria fell last year, no 64 dead, but 1.427. That, the board of directors of Puerto Rico quietly admitted, hoping for billions of dollars in emergency assistance.

On 20 september 2017, hit hurricane Maria on the island of Puerto Rico. Two months later, passed through Irma as well. Maria is considered the worst disaster ever for Puerto Rico. The havoc was enormous, but as if by miracle fell ‘only’ 64 killing. According to official figures, at least, while various sources were more than 1,000 dead.

In a report that the government of Puerto Rico to the U.s. Congress has sent, it now appears that they are in line with much higher death toll. The board shall set a herstellingsplan for where the 139 billion dollars. This looks to the federal government of the USA. Because even though it is Puerto Rico not an American state, its citizens are indeed Americans.

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The figures where the Puerto Rican government is based on, come from the Puerto Rican department of health. That appeared already in June, but the board wanted to allegedly waiting for confirmation from the George Washington University. The figures show that 1.427 more deaths than usual were cases between september and december 2017.

In this report Puerto Rico report of a “cascade of failures” in the aftermath of the hurricanes. “The devastating impact (of Maria and Irma, ed.) on the health and safety of the population can not overbenadrukt.”

‘Real catastrophe’

That there are significantly more deaths were cases than the official figure, wrote researchers from the Pennsylvania State University last week in the Journal of the American Medical Association. They stipten how president Donald Trump, the impact of the hurricane initially underestimated by Mary to compare with ‘a real catastrophe, such as Katrina’, referring to the hurricane of 2005.

The American newspaper The New York Times wrote early last month even though that there are likely to be ‘1.052 more people than usual’ to the life to come in the months after Maria’s passage. ‘To this number to come, we compared the normal number of deaths for all autumn days of 2017, with the same period in 2015 and 2016’, it sounds. Also they are based on the figures of the volksgezondheidsdepartement.

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