’Space Force’ US should be there in 2020

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WASHINGTON – The United States has set itself the goal in 2020 is a ’Space Force’ operating. The formation of a sixth, ’alien’ part of the American armed forces is an old wish of Donald Trump. Vice-president Mike Pence launched Thursday in the Pentagon a ambitious plan for this ruimtetroepen, provided that there is sufficient political support for it.

President Donald Trump

“Ultimately it’s Congress in action for the creation of this new department, that the Space Force is going to organize, train and equip,” said Pence. He added that the time has come for the idea for this legeronderdeel to achieve. That is, in principle, an independent branch besides the air force, army, navy, marine corps and coast guard.

“Only American presence in space is not enough, we need to be in the area of American dominance. And there we go, so for sure. Peace can come only to stand by power. In the universe, will the U.S. in the coming years, that power be,” said Pence.

The government will Congress ask for $ 8 billion extra available for the implementation of a programme for five years. Pence stressed the need for it by pointing to the threat from Russia and China, which ruimtewapens have and develop. Trump responded via Twitter: “Space Force all the way!”

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