Seven belarusian journalists in detention

036ee50dff7edf35b2e52ad2d41675b1 - Seven belarusian journalists in detention

The authorities in belarus to keep Thursday, seven journalists for 72 hours in pre-trial detention.

At least sixteen journalists were in the past two days by the staff of justice arrested and interrogated. The journalists and their publishers are accused of information of the staatspersagentschap Belta used to have without them subscribed.

The seven that remain in the cell, go to a correspondent of the Deutsche Welle, four journalistes of Tut.By, the largest independent news site in belarus, a female reporter of the news agency BelaPAN and journalist of the financial weekly newspaper belarusy i rynok. The officers betichten them the computer systems of the Belta to have invaded and to have information of creamed.


The Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE), the belarus authorities to restraint called for. The Deutsche Welle has to say protest by registered letter to the belarusian ambassador in Berlin.

In belarus ruled by president Alexander Lukashenko since 1994 with an iron hand: he wants complete control over the media. Belarus is on the 155ste place in the World Press Freedom Index 2018 of RSF, which reports that there is an “escalation of repression” taking place since last year.

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